"I would like to begin by commenting that Dave is truly one of the finest individuals I have ever met. I have had the pleasure of knowing Dave for forty nine years and consider him an individual who is very knowledgeable in many areas and has unquestioned integrity. I have been on his boat numerous times and have witnessed his excellent boating skills. Dave is not only knowledgeable but extremely conscientious with regard to safety and following the rules.
I have witnessed Dave take on many leadership roles throughout his professional and personal life. He has been a great father with two wonderful daughters and a good husband to his wife for more than thirty years. Dave's nature is to be kind, helpful, honest and meticulous. There is nothing that I wouldn't trust Dave with."

John Dismang CPA

"I have known Dave for over twenty years and have traveled the waters of Lake Michigan with him not only on his vessel but also together with my vessel. His background and knowledge of Lake Michigan waters made me feel comfortable learning the difference between a “run-a-bout” ski boat and a Great Lakes Cruiser!  Numerous times I have witnessed Dave put his excellent seamanship skills to work in handling emergency situations. Many of which called for “quick” decision making on his part. In short, I learned a “great deal” from Dave. He is, and will always be the very reason I not only got into Great Lakes boating but also in Florida waters.

I have worked with Dave in many leadership roles both professionally and personally. "

Tom Strzycki
Flotilla Commander
Dist-7, Div-9, Flotilla 1 
USCG Auxiliary 

Master Mariner - 100 Ton
w/ Towing Endorsement

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Captain Dave has conducted extensive deliveries on The Great Lakes, Western Rivers, Canal Systems and Gulf of Mexico as well as the East Coast. Daily, weekly or monthly private yacht charters are avliable as well.